Free Cardsharing – is it really “Free”?

As you probably know, cardsharing enables more than just one receiver to obtain content by using a single legitimate satellite smart card. Generally, in order for receivers to share the content between each other, they must be hooked up to a computer with an active internet connection, and one of them would serve as a host while others would be its clients. The clients are able to obtain the unencrypted code through the host.

So, if you decided to get a full advantage of cardsharing, you will have to get a paid subscription that will provide you with codes which will enable you to receive an unencrypted picture, aka unlock the satellite TV channels. With the help of CCcam software and a Linux-based satellite receiver you will be able to watch your favorite satellite TV shows without straining your budget.


The Purpose of “Free” Cardsharing

Our job is to provide you with the best quality connection so you could enjoy watching the lag-free satellite TV broadcasting through our reliable cardsharing service. With the free cardsharing server you will be able to test your hardware for any connection or stability issues and if needed make the necessary adjustments to your receiver’s configuration.

Once fully operational, by spending only $1 a day, you’ll have a chance to join one of our premium cardsharing servers just to see what you will be getting once subscribed to our network. In comparison to free cardserver which is commonly used to run tests, our paid servers open up a whole lot more, quality and content wise. Basically, you will be able to gain access to all your favorite channels by using one receiver and the broad-band connection.

What do you need? Just get a Linux-based satellite receiver such as the Dreambox 500 to run the CCcam protocol software. CCcam is a digital “language” which will be able to communicate with a cardsharing server, and it is a key to watching the satellite TV without interruption. Every couple of seconds an encrypted signal being sent to your TV and CCcam decrypts it so you could keep on watching TV without lagging. 

However, there are some cardsharing providers who aren’t doing this correctly. Should you connect to a cardsharing server that has stability issues, you will experience both the pixilation and freezes, making your watching experience virtually impossible. One of the most important things to remember is that once you install the CCcam software in your satellite-receiver and set it for cardsharing you will need to run a cardsharing free test to make sure that you are 100% operational.